Bad Hair Day

The creamy beige envelope had an impressive return address: Donald J. Trump. And it was addressed specifically to me. Inside, the card said "Special Invitation." Opening it, two tickets fell to my desk. Donald Trump was smiling at me from them. Could it be that I was going to get to meet the Trumpster?

Alas not. Although I was invited as Trump's "personal guest" it was not to hear the master speak. Instead, Trump's son, Donald Trump Jr. (shown in a somewhat smaller photo on the ticket), would lead the conference accompanied by "4 self-made multi-millionaire experts."

And the conference would be held in Sugar Land! At the Sugar Land Marriott Town Square on February 16.

A quick check with Wikipedia showed that yes there is a stand-alone entry on the site for Junior (which was a surprise given that his daddy is still writing letters for him, even though he's old enough to be married himself).

And according to Wikipedia:

Trump, Jr. began work for the Trump Organization on such projects as the West Side Yards and Trump Place on Riverside Drive. One of his current objectives is to make The Trump Organization less New York-centric.

Less New York-centric. Well that's Sugar Land. That's where Junior is going to share "the Trump Family Wealth Creation Secrets" and a free copy of his father's book TRUMP — Think Like a Billionaire. What a country. — Margaret Downing

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