Bad News For Bill White's Senate Run?

Chris Cillizza, the hyper-connected political writer at the Washington Post, has gotten his hands on a polling memo outlining the Texas Senate race.

The bottom line: Not good news for Bill White.

Cillizza says (scroll down for "Texas Senate Numbers") the poll was taken by Jef Pollock, a Democratic pollster, but notes Pollock wouldn't say which candidate paid for it.

"Pollock would not say who he conducted the survey for (odd) but reading the memo suggests he is working for [John] Sharp," Cillizza writes. "Why? Because several times the candidacy of Houston Mayor Bill White, the other Democrat likely to run, is pooh-poohed."

"Pooh-poohed," a political term of art, is defined partly as this: "Bill White appears to be a one-market candidate, drawing support almost exclusively from the Houston area."

Coming off better are Sharp and Republican David Dewhurst.

On the one hand, these things are largely name-recognition polls at this point, so it's not too odd that White's support would be Houston-based.

On the other, we still remain unconvinced that Texas will flock enthustiastically to the White crusade.

And now, with "pooh-poohing" involved? No telling what might happen.

Update: Coincidentally or not, White's campaign has just announced raising $1.8 million in the most recent filing period, which ended March 31.

"The outpouring of support from donors and volunteers has been simply amazing. The energy around Mayor White's campaign shows Texans believe in his ability to bring people together and get things done," campaign finance chair Scott Atlas said in a release.

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