Bad Santa: Clear Lake Shores Saint Nick Accused Of Indecency With Child

Last week 45-year-old Glenn Roy Klusendorf was Santa Claus at a Clear Lake Shores farmers market. This week, he is an inmate in Galveston County Jail, where he sits charged with indecency with a child, sexual contact and sexual exposure.

Klusendforf, who was arrested at the Clear Lake Shores home he shared with his mama, had been under investigation for quite some time for his involvement with a 13-year-old girl. Police knew beforehand that Klusendorf intended to play Santa for the day last week, but feared spooking him into flight. Clear Lake Shores Police Chief Paul Shelley told officials to closely monitor Klusendorf while he was manning the Santa booth.

Hair Balls wonders how that conversation went down. "Um, yeah...Y'all's Santa? We think he's a child molester. Y'all watch him close now, hmm-kay? Hey, are those homemade pecan pies? Merry Christmas!"

Klusendorf is reportedly also under investigation by the Harris County Sheriff's Office and HPD. His bond is set at $60,000.

In routine Googling of accused criminals, we found Klusendorf using a site on which people offer up their dreams to be analyzed by strangers. Apparently, Klusendorf's kinks don't end with his accused crimes. Here is a little nugget Sigmund Freud would have loved. Sometimes a snake is not just a snake....

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