There are at least four ways to spell Kelly's, er, Shelley's name.

Bad Spell

Miya Shay, the political reporter for Channel 13, has a lively blog that's often worth checking in on. A few days ago (hey, we don't read it daily) she had an item about council member Pam Holm, who's apparently somewhat freaked about being questioned by investigators looking into the Carol Alvarado payroll scandal.

Holm had noticed her staff members were working the day before Thanksgiving while other staffs were not, and asked city officials what the policy was.

Nothing too earth-shaking, although Shay reproduced an e-mail from Barbara Glick, the city's deputy director of Finance and Administration, informing City Hall staffers about the question.

And in the space of a brief e-mail, Glick manages to come up with two different ways of spelling Holm's name and two different ways of spelling former council member Shelley Sekula-Gibbs's name. None of the four spellings — not to put too fine a point on it or anything — were correct.

Neither woman is exactly a newcomer to city council, but we're sure the city bureaucracy will get the names right eventually. At least Glick didn't call Shelley "DraculaCunt." -- Richard Connelly

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