Feel free to piss this guy off. It's not like he'll chunk a ball at your head or anything.


Do you start cringing in fear when you think of the Astros' starting rotation this year? Do you still burn a Charlie Casserly doll in effigy? Do you go around constantly mumbling to yourself "If we only had Yao"?

Unload on us, as we expand our sports blogging in Ballz at www.houstonpress.com/blogs.

We want to read your take on our local teams. Pro, college, semi-pro, amateur - we don't care. Just tell us what you think of our hometown heroes and zeroes. You be the GM, the frustrated owner, the sweaty mascot, the fervent fan who wants to help.

Send your takes to keith.plocek@houstonpress.com and, if we like what we read, you'll be on your way to a long and storied career in the wide world of sports punditry.


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