Baltimore Ravens Just Now Finding Out Jacoby Jones Can't Catch

As fans and media, many of us fancy ourselves to be experts in our sports of choice. When a questionable move is made by the brass for our favorite team (or any team, for that matter), we openly mock the general manager who made the "ludicrous" decision in question, and then go on Twitter and talk about how much more bad ass our GM-ing skills would be than general manager of (fill in name of team here).

Naturally, actual GM's bristle at such talk (if they happen to be listening at all) and rightfully so. By and large, we, fans, the media, are just as idiotic (many of you -- ok, many of US -- moreso) as the people running our teams.

But if GM's would just stop doing things like signing Jacoby Jones to a two year, $7 million contract, then we wouldn't have to brag about our hypothetical GM acumen.

It had long been thought going into this past April's NFL Draft that the Texans were the most desperate team in the league for wide receiver talent. After drafting DeVier Posey and Keshawn Martin, the Texans were comfortable enough with the talent in their camp to cut last season's third wide receiver and playoff hope crusher, Jones.

In early May, showing that the Texans may not have been the most desperate team for wide receiver talent, and showing that lobotomies are apparently covered under the Ravens' group health plan, Baltimore signed Jones to a two-year, $7 million contract (essentially picking up the tab on the final two years of Jones' aborted three-year Texans deal he signed in 2011) to take on their third receiver role and return punts.

At the time, it was amazing to see how many people outside Houston actually lauded the move. Respected people talked about how this was an upgrade for the Ravens, about how Jones' explosive speed would stretch the field, about how he was the total package physically and about how he would bring experience to a relatively young receiving corps. (Basically, a lot of the same bullshit we heard from the Texans when they inexplicably dropped a three-year, $10 million deal in his lap in 2011.)

It was frankly a bit of a wake-up call for just how much more work the Texans had to do to become completely relevant on the NFL landscape. I mean, we all saw Jones drop passes, run sloppy routes. We saw this. How did Baltimore not see this?? I mean, especially Baltimore!


Well, now Jones has been through his first set of OTA's and mini camp with the Ravens, and guess what? He still can't catch! The from the Ravens team website:

Jacoby Jones (6-2, 212, sixth season): A burner who explodes off the line of scrimmage, Jones should further help the Ravens stretch the field. He's experienced and very good in his routes. The one knock on Jones from Houston is that he dropped too many balls, and he did have an issue with that occasionally during offseason practices.

Seriously, I need to find the film of Jacoby Jones that the people in the Baltimore organization have been watching. I read some of this stuff about how he "explodes" and "runs very good routes", and it's like someone in the Ravens' audio/visual department took film of Andre Johnson and superimposed Jacoby Jones' head and jersey number on Dre, like in that LeBron James, NWO heel turn video:

Oh and that little issue of dropping too many balls that "occasionally" reared its ugly head during offseason practices? Yeah, get used to that, Baltimore. That's what Jacoby does. Apparently, you're late to this party.

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