Bank Robberies Continue To Soar In Houston

Photo courtesy FBI
Bank robbers had a banner year in Houston in 2008, but it appears 2009 is going to be even better. (Or worse, if you're a law-abiding citizen.)

FBI Special Agent Patricia Villafranca says robberies are up in a big, big way: "The Houston Bank Robbery Task Force, which investigates bank robberies within Houston and Harris County, reports that from January 1 through April 1 there have been 32 bank robberies in 2009. For the same period in 2008 there were 23 robberies," she says.

She's long called for bank branches to think more about security than aesthetics; that's been an uphill battle but it might be getting easier if the current wave continues.

The biggest one out there in the Nuevo Wavo of crime: the "Reckless Robber." ("He has earned his moniker by the careless way he points his pistol at tellers and customers," Villafranca says.)

This week he committed his ninth (careless) robbery. He robbed a Wells Fargo at 1910 Wes Lake Houston Parkway Monday, dressed as a construction worker. "He fled the bank on foot toward a nearby construction site," the FBI says.

If he's so damn careless, why doesn't he leave some clues?

Anyway, call Crime Stoppers if you've got any tips.

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