Barbara Mobley, Mother Of Student Who A Teacher Ordered To Be Punched, Sues

A punching bag?
​You knew this was coming: Barbara Mobley, the mother of a five-year-old boy who was punched by other students on order of a teacher, is suing.

Mobley is seeking damages for pain and suffering from Robindell Private School, Courthouse News Service says, in a suit filed here in Harris County.

Her son was in a timeout on a field trip to a Chuck E. Cheese when a teacher asked him "How would you like it if all the kids punched you in the face?" the suit says.

He soon found out, as the other students were ordered to whack away.

The son "cried and begged for [teacher] Melissa Powell to not allow the other children hit him in the face. Those cries went unanswered," the suit says.

Powell was fired for lying about the incident, the suit says.

When the incident first became public in March, Robindell director Chuck Wall semi-defended what happened, according to the Houston Chronicle:

"The kid didn't get beat up -- this is a kid who has repeatedly beat up kids in my school," Wall said. "He had punched a little girl like a punching bag and was caught by one of my teachers and what he got back ... was absolutely minor in comparison to what he did to this poor little girl." Wall said the boy's parents have been unresponsive to the school's pleas for help in controlling the child.
Going to be an interesting trial.

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