BARC Blames Cops For Its Overflow Of Animals

Sure, everyone likes it when you fight crime, but what about the unforeseen circumstances?

BARC, the city's animal pound, is putting out an urgent request to get its dogs and cats adopted. Why the rush? Because those damn cops keep arresting people whose dogs end up at BARC.

"BARC has received an abnormally high number of dogs due to law enforcement activity, and has exhausted its capability to provide additional space," the agency announced. "Over the last two weeks, the shelter has received many dogs whose owners were incarcerated. Pets are frequently confiscated when their owners are incarcerated for offenses, which in most cases are not related to the animals in their care."

That's right -- these dogs got nuthin' to do with anythin', unnerstan'? YOU GOT NO EVIDENCE!!!

BARC is alos overstocked on victims of animal cruelty, which must be kept around as evidence, and dogs who have bitten people, which must be held for 10 days.

"This impacts the shelter because BARC cannot offer these animals to rescue organizations, fosters, or move them to the adoption kennel," BARC says. "The only space available to free room for intakes, which is currently at a rate of 50-60 per day, is to make room in the adoption wards."

And those adoption wards are already full.

So head out to BARC and adopt one of these pets, who are guaranteed absolutely innocent of aiding and abetting any crimes their owners might have committed.

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