BARC Handling String of Startingly Bad Animal Abuse Cases (With Graphic Photos)

The world has completely gone to hell in the last 36 hours, based on the shocking display of animal cruelty cases that Houston's Bureau of Animal Regulation and Care is dealing with.

Authorities are investigating the following, according to BARC:

-- A man shot a Yorkshire terrier with a high-powered air rifle -- on a street, in front of children -- killing the animal.

-- A group of kids are suspected of beating a dog to death and burying it in a yard. BARC vets are conducting a necropsy to determine the cause of death.

-- A juvenile glued a kitten's mouth shut and then drowned it

-- A group of kids set a dachshund on fire. The dog survived. BARC vets stabilized the dog and placed him in foster care with Paws Haven Rescue. (The group has named the dog Cesar, and delivered him to Westheimer Animal Clinic in Bellaire for extensive care. The group is accepting donations).

Harris County Assistant District Attorney Belinda Smith, who prosecutes animal cruelty cases, says, "Prosecution of animal cruelty cases used to be challenging due to uncoordinated efforts between HPD, BARC and the D.A.'s Office. We've formed a new and strong relationship, and we are absolutely serious about prosecuting animal cruelty cases to the fullest extent of the law."

Noting the young age of those allegedly involved in the incidents, the HPD's Sgt. Virginia Brasher stated, "Too often, perpetrators of animal cruelty are young kids, and I just don't understand why. I do know this has gone on too long in our city, and it needs to stop. HPD is going to collaborate in every way it can to prove that a split-second decision to act out on an animal can impact your life in a negative way." (We hope that "in a negative way" means "your ass is gonna be set on fire.")

"BARC is going to support HPD and the District Attorney to put a stop to this despicable behavior," BARC General Manager David Atencio said. "We see too many of these cases; it absolutely breaks our heart."

It breaks ours, too. We'll keep you posted on these investigations.

Click through for more pictures of Cesar, but be warned they are graphic and disturbing.

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