BARC Inaugural Adopt-A-Thon Saturday

Are you a big fan of dog parks, but are tired of the sideways glances you get just because you show up without a dog? Do you have a closet full of gigantic balls of yarn, with no cats to wage war upon them? There is no better time to fill these yawning voids than by adopting a furry companion at the Bureau of Animal Regulation and Care's first Adopt-a-Thon and Foster Expo March 26.

From 10 a.m.-8 p.m., you can meet your new best nonhuman friend and get a greatly reduced price on spay/neuter services, microchipping, vaccination and other stuff -- we're talking $27.50, compared to the $75 those services will cost starting in April (thanks to a City Council-approved omnibus fee-increase package). Not to get all Mattress Mack-y, but that $27.50 deal is freakin' insane!

If you're not quite ready to adopt yet, but are considering fostering a critter, BARC can help you out with that Saturday as well. "We have developed a Foster Food Pantry to supply foster homes with quality pet food, and BARC veterinary staff also provides much of the medical services free of charge to foster partners," according to a BARC press release. Also on Saturday, "BARC will conduct foster training and familiarization classes."

BARC's got a ton of lovable animals, many of whom were surrendered by douchebag owners through no fault of their own. More people are needed to step up to the plate and show these dogs and cats that not all people are complete assholes. They'll feel a lot better -- and so will you.

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