BARC, Showing Its (In)Competence Once Again

Photo by Martin Everington
The captured dog, waiting for BARC, is at least in the shade now.

Meet the latest dog who will likely wind up on one of those BARC meatwagons Hair Balls discussed Wednesday.

The pictures come from a friend of Jerry Heinemeier, who owns a produce business by Old Spanish Trail and Spur 5. Heinemeier says he notified BARC a few days ago about three sick stray dogs who were wandering around his business. He says an animal control officer set a live trap yesterday, and this morning Heinemeier saw that one of the dogs was captured.

Now here's the thing; Heinemeier says he's been calling BARC all day so they can pick up the dog, who's been baking outdoors, sometimes in direct sunlight. He says he's called every few hours, beginning at 6:30 this morning. The dog is very ill and appears "vicious," but Heinemeier is still concerned for the animal's well-being. Unfortunately, he says, the way the cage is set up, he's unable to provide food or water.

"These are the people that are supposed to be taking care of our animals...humanely, and they've got this dog in a trap, and no one will come to get it," Heinemeier tells Hair Balls, adding later, "I know they're going to take him to the pound and put him to sleep. He's a sick animal, he needs to be put down. But you don't do it like this. Not out in the hot sun in a cage."

Heinemeier says he doesn't want the dog to just die in the cage, waiting for the animal control officers.

"The place is going to be locked up at 5:00, and I'm not going to let that dog be trapped in that cage all night again," he says.
Hair Balls e-mailed BARC spokeswoman Kathy Barton about this. She e-mailed back with, "If you send me a phone number or address I will make sure someone gets out ASAP."

Which of course we'll do. But the question is this: how many fucking times will we need to do this in the future?

Update: According to the comments, BARC showed up to get the dog at 4:25 pm.

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