Barrage of Lies Means the NFL Draft Is Almost Here

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This is where the NFL Draft process really starts to get fun. (This is also where I wish that sarcasm had its own font.)

We are only a few weeks away from the 2014 NFL Draft, and maybe it's because we sit smack dab in the middle of the city with the No. 1 overall pick, but it feels like the lies from anonymous personnel people (not to mention the fabricated Chris Mortensen stories) have been taken up a notch this year.

Hey, who cares, right? Just the livelihoods of some 21-year-old kids on the line, not our problem, right?

In case you hadn't seen them, here were the big two strings of faceless conjecture that rang out this past weekend.

(Pay attention, Texans fans, this affects you!)

First, Mortensen "broke the story" that Teddy Bridgewater has been following up his lackluster Pro Day with private workouts that have been shaky. Per Pro Football Talk:

Former Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater disappointed the NFL scouts, coaches and executives in attendance with a shaky performance at his Pro Day workout. Fortunately for Bridgewater, there are lots of private workouts between Pro Day and the draft, giving him lots of opportunities to change NFL perceptions of him.

Unfortunately for Bridgewater, those private workouts haven't gone any better than his Pro Day. According to Chris Mortensen of ESPN, Bridgewater's workouts for NFL teams have been very shaky.

All very interesting, but there's only one problem. According to Bridgewater's agent, Kennard McGuire, in an email and text reply to the PFT report, Bridgewater has only worked out for one team and that workout received stellar feedback:

"I have a tremendous amount of respect for journalists who work in this new age of media," McGuire said via email. "While I am certain this statement wasn't intended to be misleading, it is my duty to remove and eliminate any doubt. Teddy has visited multiple teams with more workouts and visits coming in the near future. The assessment we received from the one workout was 'simply amazing and sharp,' and we expect nothing short or less than stellar in the upcoming workouts in the very near future."

Bridgewater has since had a second private workout, and there's been no report of any shakiness, but I'm sure they will come. They always do.

The second rumbling regarding potential top draft choices was in regard to the player who is widely considered the best pure prospect regardless of position in the draft, South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney. Apparently, his stock was rising too much this past week after his Pro Day, so one anonymous executive had to knock him down a peg hoping against hope he will now fall to his team in the draft. From CBSSports.com:

"He's spoiled, and he's lazy,'' an NFC personnel man told NJ.com. "He's never worked hard a day in his life, now all of a sudden you're going to give him a bunch of money and expect him to work hard. I don't see it.''

"Oh, he's going to be a high pick,'' he continued. "Some team will fall in love with him. But wait and see, just wait and see. I just don't think you can count on him. I'm betting the under on him.''

Because clearly Jadeveon Clowney looks like he's never worked a day in his life. Guys are just magically built like that and stay that way with no work involved.

Meanwhile, Johnny Manziel was at the Masters chilling with Graeme McDowell, and not a peep from anyone about anything Johnny Football-related.

Now that we've reached a point where so much anonymous negative blather pops up this time of year, maybe it's more concerning for a prospect when nothing bad is said about him than when something bad is said about him. It's all about manipulating a system where down is up, up is down and kids are basically just shares of stock.

So be nervous, Johnny Manziel. They're not trashing you. Clearly, personnel people want you to go first overall.

Either way, please don't ever change, "anonymous, gutless, faceless personnel guy." April and May wouldn't be the same without you.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.