Bass Pro Shops Alleged Racism: The Five Worst Quotes from Managers

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has filed suit against the national Bass Pro Shop chain here in Houston, alleging it routinely discriminated against minorities in its hiring practices.

The nine-page complaint offers these gems:

5. In 2006, the human resources manager in a Louisiana store asked the manager why a qualified applicant was rejected. He "really doesn't fit our profile," was the answer. How so? The HR manager asked.

"We don't hire niggers," came the alleged blunt reply.

4. In one of the Houston locations in 2005, the manager told the HR department "it was getting a little dark in here, you need to hire some white people."

3. In 2008, an employee in Indiana was regularly seen discarding applications if he believed the name "sounded like a nigger name."

"Niggers steal and do not make good employees," the manager reportedly said.

2. The manager at a Houston store "would, on a daily basis, use the words 'wetback,' 'Pedro' and 'Mexican' to refer to people of Hispanic origin."

1. An Indiana manager said, "Hispanics should be shot at the border by the border patrol."

Bass Pro Shops: Sensitivity training, coming soon!!!

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