Batman: The Dark Knight, Explained

Midnight shows this early a.m. of

The Dark Knight

were sold out in at least some locations in Houston, but you obviously have all weekend to catch up with it.

(Number 4,528 on Things We Don't Understand: People paying hundreds of dollars for a ticket to a movie they could see for ten bucks the next day.)

We're not the world's biggest Bat-fans, but we're sure we'll end up seeing it.

The question is: How plausible is it?

Scientific American magazine has the answer.

SA talked to E. Paul Zehr, an associate professor of kinesiology and neuroscience at the University of Victoria in British Columbia, who's written a book due out this fall called Becoming Batman: The Possibility of a Superhero (Click the link to see that there are no superheroes in whatever department designed the book cover.)

Zehr's take: It's pretty plausible, if Bruce Wayne got enough training.

We'll see for ourselves this weekend. Maybe tonight, if we can get in.

-- Richard Connelly

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