Battle On The Light Rail: The (Not Really) Shocking Video

With it just being Memorial Day Weekend and all, perhaps it's not the best timing for this post, but what the hell.

On May 2, Rice employee and local historian Lauren Meyers was riding the MetroRail up to the Fleetwood Mac concert at Toyota Center. At some point, she violated one of Metro's ticky-tack rules by taking a sip of bottled water. It's a rare train ride that you don't see someone do that; hell we've been known to even drink coffee on the train, and we once saw a clever guy put a Colt 45 tall boy inside a to-go cup and then punch a straw through the lid and into the can.

So yeah, it's usually live and let live on there. Even the drivers seem to ignore all but blatant boozing.

But not the curmudgeonly vet in the clip below. Evidently, he didn't slog through the frozen mud of the Battle of the Bulge so people like Meyers could wantonly swill Ozarka on light-rail trains. As Meyers put it on her blog, he fought so that people like her would obey the rules.

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