Baylor The Baby Elephant: All Hail The Mighty Victor Of The Houston Zoo Cute-Off

The final match-up of the Houston Zoo Cute-Off, the comprehensive effort to find The One Cute to Rule Them All, was close. Very close.

Votes coming in by comments and e-mail, though, showed what had been evident from the beginning: Baylor the baby elephant is just damn cute.

So revel, citizens, in Cutus Extremis, a gallery of photos by our Christopher Patronella, Jr.

1. The trunk

2. A Dancing Machine

3. Getting His Baby Feed On

4. With Mom

5. Got the giggles

6. He's Got an Eye on You

7. You Lookin' at Me?

8. Elephant Humor

9. Hygiene is Important, Son

10. I'm the King of the World!! And the Houston Zoo Cute-Off!!

Thanks to everyone who participated....

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