Baylor's Awesome "Homosexuality as Gateway Drug" Class Gets New Name

One thing about Baylor: It stands by its convictions, no matter how wacky.

Take, for instance, the class they offer called "Homosexuality as Gateway Drug." Some might find that hilariously offensive, or offensively hilarious, but Baylor knows it is a serious look at how homosexuality can lead to....heroin? Bestiality? We guess you'd have to take the class to find out.

Baylor, of course, had no problem with the course. And so when popular Web sites Buzzfeed and Reddit took note of the class, Baylor stood its ground. For about 24 hours.

Then it took the bold, decisive and principled move of renaming the class "Family Studies."

Meaning the family is a gateway drug?

We guess you'll have to take the class to find out.

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