Bayou Body Count: A Cold Case Solved

After 15 long years, Houston police detectives believe they've finally found their man. Michael Deshawn Winfrey, 36, has been charged with capital murder for allegedly shooting a man who was protecting his son at a pay phone at 6603 Fuqua on April 24, 1994.

Police say Jeffrey Brown, 30, was driving along with his daughter, 8, and son, 7, when he pulled into a parking lot to use a pay phone. As he was stepping out of his car, Winfrey appeared and allegedly pointed a gun at Brown's son, telling the father to "give up his gold" or his son would die, police say. Brown leaned over in front of his son, protecting him, and pleaded with Winfrey not to hurt them. Winfrey then allegedly shot Brown and ran away.

The case remained unsolved for a decade and a half until detectives with the Scott Police Department in Lafayette, Louisiana contacted HPD earlier this month. Scott police had found a man who claimed he saw the shooting and could finger the killer along with other witnesses. HPD detectives went to Lafayette, interviewed the man and found many of Winfrey's friends. Police say the witnesses' accounts matched the evidence at the scene and that finally someone is being held responsible for killing Brown in front of his two young children.

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Another old case appears to be headed to court as Houston police have charged a man for allegedly shooting someone outside a night club at 12808 Bellaire on April 8.

Khahn Phan, 26, is accused of killing Simon Troung, 22. Police say Troung and some friends were at the Roxxy nightclub that April night before going to an after-hours sports bar on Bellaire for a birthday party. There, Phan started arguing with Troung and Troung's friends. A few minutes later, Troung left the bar to make a phone call outside, where he was shot in the parking lot.

Police say they determined that Phan was the shooter and arrested him last week, however, detectives are still looking for additional witnesses.

On Saturday morning Harris County Sheriff's detectives began investigating a triple-shooting at an after hours club at 345 West Richey Road. Deputies say that three of the club's employees were shot by a customer who had been tossed out of the club earlier Saturday night for fighting. James Douglas Thomas, Jr., 36, died at the bar while the other two victims were taken alive to Ben Taub hospital.

The shooter is described only as being an African-American man, 25 years-old, about 5-8 with short hair. The club, which stops serving booze at 2 a.m., stays open until 4 a.m. The shooting happened just before closing.

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Finally, Harris County deputies are also investigating the death of 16-year-old Eric Elizarraraz last week at an apartment complex at 14402 Pavillion Point. Detectives say the teen was visiting a girl at the building when he started arguing with a group of guys in the parking lot. When the guys began insulting the girl, Elizarraraz attempted to defend her, and the fight escalated into a shooting. Elizarraraz was shot once in a common area of the apartment building, deputies say.

If you have any information concerning these investigations please call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

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