Bayou Body Count: A Hatchet Man And A Cold Case

There is a hatchet-man killer hiding in Houston. The cops know who he is, but not where to find him.

Police are hunting for Melchor Izquierdo, 29, charged with murder in the slaying of Estevan Tellez back on September 14. Tellez, 42, who worked at a foundation business at 5562 Gasmer, was found dead by co-workers. He was sitting in the cab of a dump truck with several deep gashes in his face. A hatchet was lying nearby.

Detectives later determined that the alleged killer was Izquierdo, a fellow co-worker of Tellez. But Izquierdo has now disappeared. He has a slight build, police say, is missing a front tooth, has a puncture wound scar on the right side of his torso and another scar on his left shoulder.

While police chase down the alleged hatchet-man, they did catch up with and slap the cuffs on a different sort of fugitive -- one who had eluded detection for 24 years.

Police say they have finally solved the 1985 killing of Lillian Gertrude Nash, 66, who was stabbed to death in her home at 4011 Old Galveston Road. And once again, as it is so often these days, a DNA match was the hero that led to the arrest of Race Burdine for murder.

Back in 1985, police believed that someone crept into Nash's apartment through a window and then stabbed her in her sleep. Burdine, 42, was not a suspect, but police did have his name as someone at Nash's apartment complex who Nash had trouble with.

In 2009, police went back and reviewed the case. Money from the U.S. Department of Justice, the Office of Justice Programs and the National Institute of Justice enabled investigators to run DNA tests on evidence originally collected at the murder scene. When the info was dropped into a national database, Burdine's name came up, police say. He was registered as a sex offender in Illinois.

Police announced today that the Illinois State Attorney's Office has Burdine in custody and that his extradition to Houston is pending.

Police have located and arrested another suspected killer, this time a man named Marlo D. Reason.

Police say Reason went over to the home of Johnny Lee Gordon at 5110 Werner at about 4 a.m. on September 30 and began banging on all the doors and windows until Gordon came outside. Neighbors later told police that Gordon, 22, and Reason, 24, had a long-standing feud with each other.

When Gordon went outside to see what the hell was going on, police say, the two exchanged words before Reason drew his gun and fired several times, killing Gordon. Reason then ran into the house to try to shoot someone else who was there, but he fired and missed. Reason fled.

Reason is charged with murder and is being held in the county jail without bond.

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