Bayou Body Count: A Police Shooting Over An Open Beer

There is something to be said about the importance of solid doors, strong locks and a secure home. Think not? Well, the carnage over the past several days may change your mind.

It was Friday evening, about 7 p.m., when 18-year-old Jubelle Serano was taking care of her 6-year-old sister at their home at 2539 South Camden Parkway. Suddenly, Serano heard some strange noises. Someone was trying to break into the house.

Serano quickly called her boyfriend, who sped over to Serano's place. When he got to the front door, no one answered. He dialed 911.

Deputies with the Harris County Sheriff's Office arrived, soon followed by Serano's father. When they entered the house together, they found that Serano had been shot to death.

At first, investigators didn't have much to go on. They talked to some neighbors who said they saw a pair of young guys around the area earlier that night. Remarkably, that was just enough for detectives to piece together a case.

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Later that same day, authorities say, investigators rounded up two 16-year-olds who admitted to trying to break into Serano's home. Each of the teens blamed the other for pulling the trigger and killing Serano, detectives say.

Both boys are charged with capital murder and have been placed in the Harris County Juvenile Detention Center, authorities say.

A day earlier, on Thursday afternoon, a 27-year-old man, whose name has not been released, was hanging out in front of his home at 7700 West Street when two other guys he had a history of problems with drove up to his house. One of the men jumped out of the car and started arguing with the homeowner.

Quickly, as the argument became more and more heated, the second man in the car got out and ran after the homeowner, who fled inside his house and locked the door, police say. One of the men kicked down the door, but was stabbed to death by the resident, police say. The case is being reviewed by the Harris County District Attorney's Office.

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Saturday was a bad night for Houston police officer J.F. Lucero.

He was patrolling the streets of southwest Houston when he saw three guys walking across the parking lot of a convenience store. One of them had an open can of beer in his hand, so Lucero stopped the trio for a liquor violation and began patting them down, police say.

Suddenly, one of the guys decided to bolt, and got into a struggle with officers. Then, police say, he pulled a pistol out. Fearing for his life, Lucero fired at the man, killing him, police say.
As is always the case when an officer shoots someone, HPD's Internal Affairs unit and the Harris County D.A.'s office are investigating.

Also on Saturday, 18-year-old DeAndre Carl was found in a parking lot behind a church near the intersection of Miramac and Eastex Freeway suffering from a gunshot wound, sheriff's investigators say. Detectives say that Carl got into a fight with an unknown armed man, who starting shooting at Carl. As Carl turned to run away, he was hit. Detectives, who are still investigating, say Carl died at a nearby hospital eight hours later.

Houston police have charged a man for allegedly killing his grandfather on Friday afternoon.

According to police, family members went over to the home of the grandfather, Johnnie Gonzales-Morales, 81, and found his grandson, Justin Parris, pacing back and forth on the front lawn. Someone then walked into the house and found Gonzales-Morales lying on the floor with a blanket over him. He had suffered severe trauma to his head, police say.

Parris has been charged with murder and is in the Harris County jail on a $100,000 bond, according to jail records.

Finally, police are looking into a strangling that happened on Friday night. A woman who was working at a check cashing store was attacked by an unknown person, police say. The victim was later found dead in a back room. Police are still investigating.

Anyone with information about these cases can call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

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