Bayou Body Count: Amazingly, A Drug Deal Goes Bad


That's been the news so far this week from the police and sheriff's office, whose detectives have been clearing old cases and racking up arrests.

The Harris County Sheriff's office announced today that they've bagged a pair of dishonest drug dealers with a penchant for gunplay.

Back in August, a deputy was scouring the area near the 10200 block of State Highway 249 looking for drug dealers when he got a call over the police radio that there was a dead body lying in the middle of the freeway. It was a man named John Froehlich.

Investigators initially believed that Froehlich was trying to buy drugs when he began arguing with the dealer, who then shot Froehlich. But detectives now say they know what really happened in the wee hours that morning.

Froehlich was, as suspected, on the prowl looking to score some drugs, authorities say. He found suspected dealers Gabriel Carnell and Tammy Worley, who were trying to pass off fake drugs as the real McCoy. When Froehlich figured out the scam and turned to leave, authorities say, Carnell allegedly shot him. Worley was apparently in on the game.

Both Carnell and Worley have been charged with capital murder and are in the Harris County jail without bond.

Houston police are not saying much about it, but they arrested a woman on Monday for allegedly shooting a man to death.

In mid-September, police found the body of Perry Barefield, 52, sitting inside his car at 14000 Mary Kay Lane. He has a gunshot wound to his torso. Initially, police couldn't find any witnesses and had no suspects.

Somehow, police picked up some information that led them to believe that the killer was 50-year-old Brenda Fay Nelson. Detectives went over to her home Monday and arrested her without incident, police say. Nelson is being held at the Harris County jail on a $100,000 bond.

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Not all killings end in arrests.

Also on Monday, while the cops were putting cuffs on Nelson, a 19-year-old man was shot in the head, police say.

A woman at the Pinemont Forest Apartments at 5959 Pinemont saw the teen break into her car in the complex's parking lot, so she got her shotgun and fired once, killing the burglar, police say. Investigators talked to the shooter and then let her free. However, police say, the investigation is still underway.

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Finally, at about 2:40 p.m. Monday, Juan Alanis was hanging out with some friends outside the Napoleon Square Apartments at 6001 Gulfton when another group of guys came along and they all started fighting. At some point, police say, Alanis, 28, was stabbed to death.

Police are investigating and only have a vague description of the knifeman.

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If you have any information about these cases please call Crime Stoppers at 713-222- TIPS.

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