Bayou Body Count: Don't Mess With The Step-Father

They say there's nothing so powerful as a father's love. Well, Leroy Lewis, Jr. is making a pretty good case for step-fathers, too. He may even go to prison for trying to prove it.

Lewis, 32, is charged with murder for allegedly shooting his step-daughter's boyfriend in defense of her, according to the Harris County Sheriff's Office.

Kedric Money, 19, the boyfriend, was chatting on his cell phone Monday afternoon at 21623 Trilby Way, investigators say, when he got into a fight with his girlfriend and began complaining that she was hitting him. At the same time, the girl's sister allegedly ran and told Lewis that Money and her sister were in a fight.

Lewis told the investigators that he put his gun away before confronting Money, but then went back, grabbed his gun and shot Money three times. Lewis is currently being held at the Harris County jail without bond.

A man living in an apartment at 633 Rushcreek got the last big surprise of his life Tuesday afternoon.

He and two friends were in his apartment when suddenly three armed men kicked down the front door. The man tried to jump through a bedroom window as the gunmen opened fire, police say. The man was hit, dying in a walkway outside the apartment, police say.

The suspects are described only as Hispanic men in their early to mid-twenties.

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Turcios Villeda Marcial has been killed. The 25-year-old who lived at 3043 Golfcrest was last seen by his roommate watching TV on Monday at about 1 a.m. When the roommate returned roughly seven hours later, Marcial had been stabbed to death, police say. Investigators claim they have no motive or suspects.

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Police have identified Monday's Karaoke killer.

Xiaokang Zhao, 22, has been charged with murder for allegedly shooting Miao Yan Feng, 21, and another man, whose name has not yet been released, police say. He allegedly shot them twice each outside the Love of 1970 Café, a popular Karaoke bar.

If you have any information about these investigations please call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

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