Bayou Body Count: Mowing The Lawn Can Be Dangerous, Even If You're Not A Character On Mad Men


Houston police have finally caught the gunman in a 2004 murder, hunting him all across the United States and Mexico before arresting him Tuesday in Houston.

Police say that Oscar David Zamarripa, 24, shot and killed 22-year-old Alberto Rivera a little more than five years ago at 2215 Hollister. Detectives immediately figured out that Zamarripa was probably the killer and filed murder charges and issued a warrant for his arrest.

But Zamarripa proved to be a slippery one.

Since the shooting, investigators have been following Zamarripa's moves closely. They tracked him down to south Texas, Mexico, California and Utah, but each time Zamarripa stayed one move ahead.

Until Tuesday. Houston police found Zamarripa at a home on the 12000 block of FM 529 in northwest Harris County. Police say Zamarripa admitted to killing Rivera.

The last time neighbors saw Carlos Menjivar alive, he was sitting on his second floor patio at his apartment at 7400 Bissonnet in the wee hours Monday morning. When a neighbor then heard some commotion coming from the stairwell, he went to tell Menjivar's roommate.

The roommate went to check on his friend, only to find Menjivar, 31, writhing on the ground from being stabbed several times. Menjivar was taken to the hospital, where he died, police say.

The investigation in ongoing.

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Melvin Sanchez was at a bar at 8810 Jensen at around 3 a..m Monday when four Hispanic men burst into the room and began stabbing him repeatedly, police say. The attackers also stabbed and robbed a second man.

Both stab victims were rushed to Ben Taub General Hospital, where Sanhez, 23, died. The other man is expected to recover, police say.

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A 30-year-old man, whose name has not been released, was working on his yard Tuesday evening at an office on the 7000 block of Corpus Christi when out of nowhere a silver four-door car whizzed by. Ordinarily not such a big deal, but the driver had a gun and was firing it at the yard worker, killing the man.

Police say they only have a generic description of the shooter and are investigating.

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