Bayou Body Count: Nothing Good Comes From A Naked, Gun-Toting Man

Houston police officers at the Northeast Patrol Division substation got more than just a shock Tuesday when a car wildly crashed through the facility's security gate. They ended up in a shootout in which the driver of the car was killed.

According to a mix of police and media reports, officers from Aldine ISD were in a high-speed chase with Tony Johnson, 29, who was reportedly driving erratically and holding a gun to his head. Driving a white Mitsubishi Mirage, Johnson made his way at about 2:45 a.m. to the police station at 8301 Ley Road, where he sped through a security gate and wheeled around towards the rear of the building where prisoners are loaded and unloaded, police say. Along the way he smashed into a parked car, through another security gate and into a marked police car. Johnson's car finally stopped after hitting a fence.

Police say that six officers rushed over to the Mitsubishi to see what was happening when Johnson, who was still inside the car, allegedly pointed a gun at them. The officers then fired at Johnson and took cover. Johnson, who was naked, stepped out of the car and allegedly fired at the cops, who then returned the favor, striking Johnson. He died at the scene, police say.

Police say an autopsy and toxicology tests will reveal whether Johnson, who reportedly has several drug convictions, was high during the incident. As is routine in such matters -- if you can call this routine -- the six officers who fired at Johnson will be placed on administrative leave for three days and the Harris County District Attorney's Office and HPD's Internal Affairs Division will investigate the shooting.

Houston police are also asking for the public's help to round up suspects in a pair of slayings over the past several days.

On Tuesday evening, Javier Soto, 34, was shot to death outside his home on the 6700 block of Canal. Police say Soto was standing in the street in front of his home talking with friend when an unknown man snuck up from behind and shot Soto multiple times. The man then ran away. The suspect is described only as a Hispanic man, about 25-years-old, and around 5-foot-7-inches tall.

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Houston police are also investigating the killing of Lamont Malone, 36, at his home at 414 Maxey Road early Saturday morning. Police say Malone was in his apartment by himself when four or five men stormed into his home and shot Malone several times in the abdomen and shoulder. Malone was taken to Ben Taub General Hospital, where he died the following day. Police say they suspect robbery was the motive.

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If you have any information concerning these investigations please call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

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