Bayou Body Count: Officer Down, And Brother Vs. Brother

Houston police have charged a pair of men for allegedly killing an undercover officer on Tuesday on the 6700 block of Hillcroft. A 16-year-old girl has also been charged for her alleged involvement.

According to police, officer Henry Canales of the auto-theft division, who was working undercover, was negotiating a deal to buy stolen property from Xiomara Rosales Mendez, Andres Maldonado Nava, Roberto Pedroza Carillo and the teen. Suddenly, Carillo pulled out a gun while Mendez and Nava tried to steal Canales' car. The officer and Carillo then exchanged gunfire. Canales was fatally shot. Carillo also was hit and stumbled behind a nearby car. Another undercover officer in the area rushed toward Carillo to arrest him, when Carillo squeezed off at least two shots at the officer, missing both times. The officer then shot and killed Carillo.

Meanwhile, Mendez, Nava and the teen fled the area, but were caught and arrested shortly after. Mendez and Nava are charged with capital murder. The teen is charged in juvenile court with engaging in organized criminal activity.

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Blood may be thicker than water, but it appears as though in the Lindsey family, nothing trumps good ol' fashioned green.

Houston police say that on Wednesday morning LittleJames Ray Lindsey Jr. shot and killed his brother Jermaine Joseph Lindsey at 4810 Macridge. LittleJames called the cops saying he had shot his brother but that he did not mean to do it, police say. He told police that the two of them had been arguing over a missing wallet that had some money in it. Jermaine Lindsey was shot in the chest and died at the scene. Police have charged LittleJames Lindsey Jr. with murder.

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If you have an information concerning these investigation, plaese call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

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