Bayou Body Count: Shot While Sleeping

As the summer temperature in Houston rises, so does the body count. And police have few leads as they begin trying to solve the latest spate of murders.

At around 3:30 am on Monday, someone called the Houston police saying they had heard gunshots coming from the corner of Hoover and Randon Rd. When officers arrived at the scene, they couldn't figure out where the shots had come from or find any witnesses. Less than five hours later, Raymond Beltran, 55, was found dead at his home at 4937 Hoover, with a bullet hole in his head. Police say Beltran was sleeping in his bedroom when he was shot. Police also found several bullet holes on the sides of the house.

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Houston police are also looking for leads to determine who killed a man at 9303 Town Park. At about 4 am on Tuesday, police officers rushed over to an apartment complex after receiving a 911 call about a man down in apartment No. 212. When they arrived, they discovered that the door had been kicked in and saw a man dead on the floor. He had been shot to death. The man's name is being withheld until his family is notified.

Police say they have not found any witnesses and are continuing to investigate.

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While domestic violence is as ugly a crime as any, at least police many times can determine the suspect. Such was the case Wednesday on the 2700 block of Lorraine Street.

According to police, investigators suspect Deborah Yvette Parker, 38, of shooting her 58-year-old boyfriend, whose name has not been released. Witnesses who live at the apartment complex told police that they saw Parker and her boyfriend in a heated argument on Monday night out in the middle of the street. When they had finished hollering at each other, they returned to their apartment. Several hours later, police say, Parker ran over to a neighbor's home frantically shouting that the victim had been shot.

Police say they do not yet know the alleged motive, but that Parker has been arrested on manslaughter charges.

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If you have any information concerning these investigations you are urged to call Crimes Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

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