Bayou Body Count: Two Confessions And Two Mysteries

A man's music is sacred. Even more so when he's blasting it stone cold through a night of boozing it up with friends.

This is a lesson Turcious Villeda Marcial learned painfully well on Monday at 3043 Golfcrest when he was stabbed to death after telling his partying roommates to turn down the tunes at 8 a.m., police say.

Freddie Orlando Reyes and Hugo Salvador Lopez are charged with murder. Police say that the two men were drinking and playing music all Sunday night and into Monday morning when Marcial told them to dial the volume down. After all, he had to get up for work soon.

This request apparently did not sit well with Reyes and Lopez. Police say the two men argued with Marcial and then stabbed him in the back, neck and torso. Then they tied Marcial's wrists together to make it look like someone broke in and killed Marcial during a robbery, police say.

Both men admitted to stabbing Marcial, police say, and Reyes told investigators that he staged the fake robbery scene.

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If only they were all this easy.

It was just after midnight on Thursday when a man named Frank Rodriguez walked into the Baytown City Jail. He had but one message for the officers: he had killed someone. Authorities say that Rodriguez then directed them to the Sierra at Falls Creek Apartments near Humble.

When Harris County Sheriff's deputies arrived, they say they found 43-year-old Dianira Rivera dead in her apartment at 14951 Bellows Falls Lane. Rodriguez later said that he was Rivera's ex-boyfriend but then decided not to talk about her death, investigators say. Rodriguez, 34, has been charged with murder.

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A man was shot in a parking lot Wednesday near the Braeburn Country Club. Police say he walked up to someone at 9090 South Braeswood who was driving a gray Nissan Sentra when they began to argue. The man in the car then shot him and fled. The victim died at a nearby hospital. Police are continuing to investigate.

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Harris County Sheriff's investigators are trying to figure out a stumper. On Wednesday, the estranged common law husband of Gayla Glenn found the 33-year-old woman dead in her bedroom at 15318 Poplar Grove. Authorities say there were no signs of forced entry and have no suspects so far.

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HPD is also working on a puzzler and hope an autopsy will shed some light on the case. On Tuesday evening, officers found the burned body of a man on the 6700 block of Madden near Mykawa Road. The man had several burn marks and unidentified chest and head wounds.

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If you have any information about these investigations please call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

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