Bayou Body Count: Who Says Mothers And Daughters Can't Work Together?

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It's not often that Bayou Body Count kicks off with a story that doesn't include a dead body, but then again, it's not often that we see a story about a mother-daughter team allegedly trying to hire an assassin to kill their husband/father.

Needless to say, then, but Mr. David Shamp does not seem like a well-loved man.

According to the Harris County Sheriff's Office, a confidential informant told investigators that Catherine Shamp, 38, had said that she wanted her husband murdered. The next day, the informant wore a wire and recorded Shamp saying that she would pay $20,000 to have a hit-man kill her spouse. Shamp was soon arrested on the charge of solicitation of capital murder, authorities say.

But wait, there's more.

On Friday, investigators say, 18-year-old Ashley Shamp was also arrested on the same charge as her mother. Detectives say the younger Shamp allegedly helped plan the assassination, sending a text message indicating that the murder was indeed happening and another text message to the hitman stating how much money she and her mother were going to pay him.

Harris County records show that Catherine Shamp is in jail on a $75,000 bond.

Deandre Elliott and his girlfriend were spending Thursday evening together at her apartment on the 4700 block of Wenda when the clock struck 11:30 p.m. and it was time for the 17-year-old Elliott to go home.

Seconds after Elliott walked out of the front door, police say, his girlfriend heard gunshots. Then she heard a knock on the door. It was just like a horror movie, only real, for just as she opened the door, Elliott's body fell down at her doorstep.

Police say that Elliott was shot in the head and that a possible suspect was seen running away in Elliott's car, a '93 Buick Park Avenue with white-wall tires and custom rims.

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The rest of the week was a collection of random tragedies.

On Thursday, Enrique Vasquez, 25, was leaving his home at 1118 Adele early in the morning when a man just walked up to him and shot him, police say. Investigators do not yet know a motive.

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On Friday, the neighbors of Brian Dennis, who live along the 5400 block of Bungalow Lane, called the cops after hearing gunshots, police say. Police later found Dennis, 35, lying in his driveway. No one witnessed the shooting, but police think it may have been having to do with drugs.

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Lastly, someone walking through the Graceland Terrace Apartments at 4742 Yale a week ago spotted a body in a parking lot. The dead man was nude and had been injured in the head, police say. His identity is unknown and there are no witnesses or suspects, police say.

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