BCS Bill in Congress? About Time Our Politicos Got to the Important Stuff

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The nation is in peril. There's still the threat of terrorism. The military is mired in two wars. The economy is falling apart. Rich banking execs are getting bonuses for their failing businesses -- bonuses being paid by taxpayer money -- and the auto industry is on the verge of collapse. But if you ask some people, the biggest problem facing our great country is the BCS.

Which is why Texas congressman Joe Barton (R -- nutjob), and fellow Texas Republican Michael McCaul (R -- nutjob) have introduced a bill in Congress that would force the NCAA to eliminate the BCS and go with a playoff.


Now I hate the BCS. And I would like nothing better than for there to be a playoff in college football -- primarily because I think Texas would get its ass kicked which would cause their whining fans to probably shut up (well, on second thought, they would probably start whining and demand a return to the BCS bowl system). But aren't there more pressing matters our country's leaders have to deal with than debating a bill that would force the NCAA to adopt a playoff system for the top level of college football?

Maybe Reps. Barton and McCaul should be handling important matters that really impact college students and their families. Like maybe doing something about the obscene tuition that institutions like Texas charge, which in turn cause families and students to go so deep into debt that their only hope of paying it all off is to rob a bank or die -- and seeing the shape of the banking industry, it's probably easier to just die.

Or better yet, if these bozos really want to do something worthy regarding college sports, perhaps they can find out why Sam Bradford and Colt McCoy are worthy of invitations to the Heisman Award ceremonies, but not Graham Harrell or Michael Crabtree -- after all, if not for those two, we wouldn't have to be listening to the Longhorns and their obnoxious fans bitch and moan about the unfairness of it all. -- John Royal

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