Be Kate Winslet Or Cameron Diaz -- But Not A Famewhore, Please -- Right Here In Houston

Remember that movie The Holiday? Strangers Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet are both single and incredibly hot, and they connect on a house-exchange website, vacation at each others' homes in LA and Surrey, and find love along the way? ABC is doing a reality-show spin-off of the extremely realistic romantic comedy -- and it's casting here in Houston.

The pitch: "This is your chance to jump into a different life in a different part of the country. A romantic holiday completely planned and organized just for you. We provide the new city, the new digs, the new guys...even the plane ticket." There's some more stuff in there about how you have to "believe in love," but we'll spare you.     

Megan Hundahl lives in Houston and is scouting locally for the show, which, unfortunately, she describes to Hair Balls as "classy" and not about "girls in bikinis drinking by the pool." She's looking for single women ages 25-40 who have successful careers to switch places with women in other cities.

Interested? If you're a famewhore who just wants to be on TV, they'll try to sniff you out. Producers are vetting the women to make sure they're "genuinely single" and not just looking "to promote an acting career or get their own VH1 show."

You should bring the hotness, of course, and, as the pitch says, maybe "manage a hip new start-up company" or drive a "shiny convertible." Oh, and you should have lots of male friends. Said male friends will be dating fodder for the female you swap with. Just like Jude Law in The Holiday! Why you wouldn't just go ahead and date your personal Jude Law yourself is another question altogether...

Filming is supposed to take place in May. And when it's all over, perhaps you'll have found love. With a man 1,000 miles away. If you're interested, email meganjhundahl@gmail.com or KristinaCasting@yahoo.com.

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