Dixie Wilson/ARTEX
Some of the horses endured much more than a bumpy ride and exhaust.

Beating a (Nearly) Dead Horse

In April, Press staffer Josh Harkinson told a sad tale of horse slaughterhouses and horse abuse. On the coattails of that story, we have a depressing follow-up.

On Thursday, Bryan Morgan was been charged with five counts of animal cruelty in Texarkana after eyewitness testimony, photographs and video showed that 19 horses being transported in a single trailer to the BelTex slaughterhouse in Fort Worth were badly injured and abused.

According to information from the Society for Animal Protective Legislation, Morgan picked up the horses in Mississippi and was driving to Fort Worth when the trailer he was pulling blew two tires and forced him to stop in Texarkana for repairs. Employees at the shop called local police after noticing several horses had abrasions and marks across their faces and bodies, including one with facial gashes and swollen eyes.

Bad enough that Morgan was transporting 19 horses in a single trailer. But as Greg Fett, manager of GCR Tires in Texarkana, says of one unfortunate passenger:

"It looked like someone took a baseball bat and beat the hell out of the horse."


Twenty citations for animal cruelty were initially written by local police. Morgan was then allowed to drive the horses on to the slaughterhouse. You can probably guess how this story ends for the horses.

This latest news illustrates exactly why, as Harkinson's story notes, activists want state-of-the-art, humane slaughterhouses in every large state. These horses end up pushing up daisies or in a fancy French restaurant as expensive filets.

It's just a shame that some of them have to take a baseball bat to the face (allegedly) on their way there. — Steven Devadanam

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