Beaumont News Anchor Indulges (Allegedly) In Insane Facebook Feud

What the hell is going on in Beaumont?

Now granted, that's a question you could ask pretty much any day of the week, but right now it concerns a Facebook spat between a prominent local news anchor there and a critic.

Jim Walker, a main anchor at Fox affiliate KBTV, seems to be going nuts, if the Beaumont Enterprise's Bayou blog is any indication.

According to them, Walker answered a critic on his Facebook page by offering such wisdom as saying she "is probably a Bible-thumping b---h" who is one of the critics "who wouldn't dare have the b*lls to approach me in person" and whose husband wanted "to do me."

(We're not sure, since we can't get to Walker's webpage, whether the bowdlerized version of "bitch" and "balls" are the anchor's or the Enterprise's.)

We're not sure where using "Bible-thumping b---h" to describe a viewer is addressed in the How to Build Ratings playbook, but then again we're not in TV news. Or in Beaumont.

It all started, according to the Bayou, when a viewer wrote in praising Walker's co-anchor and criticizing him. He updated his Facebook status to say some people needed to get a life.

And then:

Walker's pals load up on the woman, tossing around words like "d*****bag" and "b***h."

Walker, himself, does the most damage.

He says this during the exchange:

"This woman, yes, woman-probably a bible thumbing b**ch from around here, claims she was offended. She is probably the same type that stands on her toilet, looking over her fence, calling the police because her neighbor is swimming in his backyard pool in the nude."

No he di'int!?!?!!?

A "friend" of Walker's chimes in: "she just wanted a piece of your hot bod but is pissed off cuz she wants what she can't have!"

To which Walker responds, "probably not too far off. Either that or her husband said he do me! lol."

We believe Oscar Wilde first used that riposte.

Another Beaumont site claims the whole incident, and the Enterprise's need to report it, stems from some southest texas personality conflicts (see here, scroll down to "Media Wars.")

We don't know about all that. We just know that the Facebook pages of Houston anchors aren't half as interesting as the ones in Beaumont.

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