Plenty of glorious sunshine all week long.
Plenty of glorious sunshine all week long.
Photo by Roy Luck via Flickr

Weather Week: After the Rain, a Lovely Week Ahead

As December rain storms go, Friday night's heavy rainfall was pretty substantial. Parts of the city got more than five inches as a cold front barreled through and interacted with a low pressure system. There was some street flooding and a few bayous that came out of their banks, but in terms of the storm's overall impact, things got quickly back to normal over the weekend.

Fortunately, the front ushered in some beautiful, albeit cold, weather behind it. Highs managed to climb into the 50s while lows dropped into the 30s over the weekend.

Monday will be a repeat of those conditions with a slightly warmer high around 60. Tuesday will be a bit warmer as we welcome back a southerly flow ahead of yet another front. Lows will only dip into the 50s and Wednesday might see a couple showers around as the cool front gets past us.

After that, expect cool, crisp weather yet again with highs in the 50s Thursday (Thursday might be warmer in the morning prior to the front passing, but it will gradually cool down afterward) and Friday with lows in the 40s heading into the weekend.

It was no fun dealing with the wet weather, but what was left in its wake was worth it.

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