Because All Great Sports Rivalries Should Be Settled in the Courtroom

Warriors coach Don Nelson claims the Mavericks owe him $6.5 million for deferred compensation for coaching the Dallas ballers from 1997 to 2005. Yeah, it does seem like a jerk move to ask for the money from a team you creamed and humiliated. But instead of giving Nelson his $6.5 million (which is probably cheaper than Mark Cuban’s haircut), the Dallas owner has opted to sue him back.

Cuban claims Nelson breached his contract by coaching for another team and says Nelson used “confidential information” to help the Warriors win. Nelson’s attorney told the AP, “Don may know that (Dirk) Nowitzki likes to turn toward his left shoulder not his right shoulder, but we don't think that's a trade secret or confidential information. Cuban apparently does."

The Mavericks have declined to comment thus far, so maybe they have something big they’re waiting to unleash at the trial. But that’s unlikely, since you gotta figure they wouldn’t have waited until two months after they lost and only after they’ve been attacked. This is clearly an ego issue. Shocker.

All referee fighting, narcissistic marketing and cheap get-rich plans aside, who tries to make up for an embarrassing loss by bringing more attention to it and being a sore loser? Cuban could have easily paid Nelson the 6.5 million and settled it without the world knowing and starting this NBA circus.

Maybe it’s time for Cuban to understand that not everything is as easy as getting rich overnight. -- Ishanee Parikh

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.