Because You Need It: A Bikini Contest For Pregnant Women

If there's one thing you want to do when you're pregnant, it's parade around in a bikini for the sake of some wacky FM radio station.


While pregnant women are beautiful -- the rosy glow, the increased tittage, the freedom they feel from having a good excuse for gaining a few pounds -- a Pregnant Bikini Contest would not have occurred to us. But it did to the folks at The Buzz, who gathered those with child at Big Woodrow's to show off the goods.

It definitely takes two hands to handle that Whopper. We do note that contestants are giving each other plenty of room here in line.

THIS WOMAN IS NOT PREGNANT!!!!!! Or if she is, she dashed to Woodrow's right after peeing and getting the little stick to give her the right answer. Next time we demand Woodrow's perform sonograms on all contestants in order to weed out those who are bending the rules.

Some day, their kids will see these pictures. And weep.

You're probably asking yourself, "Gee, don't pregnant women tend to get a little cranky sometimes? Wouldn't that maybe manifest itself in a situation like this, with bright lights, long waits and drunk, hooting frat boys yelling?"

The answer is yes.

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