Bellaire Expert Finds No Racial Profiling, Stunning Nobody

When the city of Bellaire announced it was bringing in an expert to study whether its police force engaged in racial profiling, the lawyer for the kid whose shooting spawned the move was unimpressed.

"Certainly, it's a PR move...I don't have a whole lot of confidence any of this will turn out to be legitimate," lawyer Geoffrey Berg told Hair Balls. "It's a PR move that was done because the ordinary people have let the city of Bellaire know that this situation is intolerable, and that's forced them to act, at least to take a first step."

Berg represents Robert Tolan, the minority kid shot in his own driveway by BPD, in an incident which has gotten national attention.

Well, the profiling expert has spoken, and Berg's fears were utterly...justified.

Alex Del Carmen told the Bellaire City Council last night that his study of traffic-stops stats showed no evidence of profiling, but it also showed no evidence that there wasn't profiling.

The stats used weren't the best way to study the problem, he said, But any stats would also have problems.

That's some expert.

He did prove to be adept at adopting the Bellaire Way in dealing with this case -- he refused to talk to the media after his presentation.

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