Benefit This Week In Memory Of Two Rice Owls

Stone and Holt Weeks, two Rice students who died in a car accident last year, were well-liked brothers passionate about community service.

Their death received a ton of media attention. Mostly because their father is well-known Washington journalist Linton Weeks, but partly because of how they led their lives.

Their legacy is  the Stone and Holt Weeks Foundation, which is run in the spirit in which they lived:

They very much wanted to make the world a better place for all. And they both had the gift of making everything they did a lot of fun --

with creativity and originality.

As its mission, the Foundation will carry on their dreams in their spirits in two ways. By sponsoring creative and fun events that raise money, awareness and volunteers for good causes. And by making grants to those who echo this same idea.

This week a Houston event will demonstrate that spirit.

"We Kare-Eoke" is being held at the Firkin & Phoenix on Westheimer Friday.

Karaoke singers will be crooning for cash.... please bring lots of long green to vote for your favorites. 100 % of donations will go to the featured organization. They will be present to sign up volunteers also.

Spread the good.

Stone and Holt would.

One hundred percent of the cash raised goes to The Beacon.

Sure, it's karaoke....but it is for a good cause.

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Richard Connelly
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