Benito Pantoja, 24: Bayou Body Count No. 146

Aussies know what's up with tips
​Would you get killed over a tip jar?

Benito Pantoja, 24, did, and it was a tip jar from a taco truck. Which means it was either the world's most tip-happy bunch of taco fans, or no matter what the amount in the jar, the taco-truck owner takes tips, very, very seriously.

Police say Pantoja attempted to run with the tip jar of a taco truck in the 8400 block of La Porte Road about 2:45 a.m. Saturday. (Oh, those 2:45 a.m. tacos add so much to your next morning's hangover.)

The owner of the taco truck objected. With a gun.

"Patrol officers responded to a shooting call..found Pantoja being treated by HFD emergency personnel," HPD said. "Further investigation determined Pantoja had stolen the tip jar from a nearby mobile taco truck. As he attempted to flee, Pantoja was confronted by the truck owner (the shooter) and shot."

Pantoja was taken to Ben Taub, where he died, the owner was unhurt. No charges were filed, but the case will be sent to a Harris County grand jury.

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