Bernardo Bernal
Bernardo Bernal
San Benito PD

Bernardo Bernal: Seven-Year-Old Son Took Daddy's Ecstasy To School

San Benito dad Bernardo Bernal, 27, was jailed earlier this month after his seven-year-old son allegedly took a handful of ecstasy out of daddy's backpack and started handing the brightly colored pills out like candy to his classmates.

One of the boys took his disco biscuit home. He told his parents that his buddy had given him the pill and had told him that it would help him sleep. Umm, no. You'd think even second graders in the narcotics-drenched Valley would know more about drugs than this kid, or maybe the younger Bernal has a twisted sense of humor.

At any rate, that kid's mom called the cops on April 4. When they questioned the Bernal's son, he told them where he found the pills and that there were plenty more where they came from. When they raided his house, police allegedly found that there were 344 more hits of ecstasy in that backpack.

Bernal is charged with possession of a controlled substance and four counts of endangering a child. He is being held in the Cameron County Jail on bonds totalling $200,000 -- $100,000 for the drugs and $25,000 for each charge of child endangerment.

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