Best 20 Rejected Texas Vanity Plates of All Time

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Everybody hates rejection. That's why it must be a major letdown for some people who come up with what they think is a very clever vanity plate slogan, only to have it not happen. Blame some pencil pusher at the department of motor vehicles office.

As a public service, we asked the DMV to supply us with their most recent information on rejected vanity plates. We don't want anyone to make the mistakes others have, and also want to give you an idea of what's kosher and what's not.

So here are 20 of the best attempts at vanity plate cleverness that just weren't meant to be. And yes, all of these plates were actually requested by real people.

20 - 19. These plates use a variation of our favorite curse word, and terms we often use when we're stressed out.

18 - 17. It would be completely understandable if the top plate were a celebration of someone who'd just discovered Viagra. We think the latter plate was created by a successful plastic surgeon who wanted to advertise.

16 - 15. MILFs and Jennifer Lopez bodies are just positive things all around.

14 - 13. Just for the record, there were way more people hurling F-bombs at the President in their vanity plate design. We chose this one for its unique local, and besides, it's also pretty cool to diss Gov. Rick Perry. As for advertising a driving violation, we just don't get that.

12 - 11. It's just not clear if these are just racist, or if it's drivers who want to own their racial identifiers, old school as they may be.

10 - 9. On one level, these plates are an homage to some of our favorite rap records. On another level, who wants to think about a scrotum when they're driving behind you?

8 - 7. Somewhere in Texas, there's a pipe fitters union rep who's pissed the DMV didn't clear this plate. As for Pink Taco, last we heard, that's a term for the vagina, and that made us giggle like little school kids.

6 - 5. An anti-Dallas plate is something a few Houstonians could get behind, we're sure. However, taking such a negative world view just doesn't give people a chance, you know?

4 - 3. In a way, advertising not being gay; in a way, must mean the person is gay. Just a thought. Oh, and "pinga" is another word for "dick" in Spanish.

2 - 1. These are words or phrases that are hard to define. But generally, one is an expression, like Daaaum (also on the vanity plate rejection list), and the other is something you say around your drunk buddies. Cabron is one of those universal vulgarities, a term of endearment sometimes. Other times, it's fightin' words.

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