Best and Worst Houston Sports Moments from 2007

They, whoever they are, say 15 people will look at an accident and bring back 15 different stories. We had a mini-version of that go down this year, when it seemed like columnists John Royal and Jason Friedman would pretty much always look at the same game, the same play, the same trade, and come back with differing opinions on what just happened. They were like Hannity and Colmes, except neither of them played the part of wimpy straw man.

Royal covered the Astros on an almost daily basis, so it was only natural for him to come out a little more pessimistic than Friedman did. (We’re actually a little surprised J.R. didn’t file a claim for P.T.S.D. after that stinker of a season.) This is not to say Friedman was a blind optimist. He’s definitely not one for idol worship (unless you consider his penchant for name-checking pop icons, but that’s another story altogether). However, when we had to decide who was going to pick the Top Five Bad-Ass Houston Sports Moments of 2007 and who was going to pick the Top Five Dumb-Ass Houston Sports Moments of 2007, let’s just say the choice was clear. – Keith Plocek

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