Best Argument Against Smoking Dope: The Anal Rape

UH is on Spring Break right now, but if any student is checking their e-mail they are getting a lurid tale.

The campus has sent out an alert telling of a non-UH student who came to visit friends at the Cullen Oaks apartment compex this past weekend.

They smoked some dope. A lot of dope. Enough dope that the guy passed out.

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And, as the UH alert puts it, "upon finally regaining consciousness, the visitor felt rectal pain and realized he had been sexually assaulted."

Hey, that's what friends are for!!

Rape is no joke, and UH police say they have three male suspects they're looking for. They're not commenting beyond that.

It's obviously not an issue about security around the apartment complex in question; it's more about knowing who your friends are. And maybe, just maybe, not smoking so much weed that you "pass in and out of consciousness" for several hours.

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