Best Boat Name Ever? Or Bestest Boat Name Ever??!

Brittanie Shey
Hat tip to frequent Rocks Off contributor William Michael Smith for bringing this party boat to our attention. It's sitting outside Gibbs Boats and Motors on West Gray and Montrose, where it underwent a little tune-up a few weeks ago and is awaiting pick-up from the owner.

We talked to Gibbs vice-president Gibbs Warley Jr. who wouldn't tell us the name of the boat's owner, but did say the boys down at the Galveston dock where the vessel normally lives have gotten quite a kick out of the name. He also said it's not the first unusual boat name he's seen.

Employee Marie Brocato used to keep a bulletin board of photos of goofy boat names, which included gems like "Waste of Money," "Crown Royal" and "Captain Morgan," the latter two boats being owned by a liquor bigwig.

He said the old superstition that a nameless boat is bad luck isn't necessarily true, but that one must take care when re-naming a boat. "You have to rechristen it," he said. "With a good bottle of champagne."

Phallic Cranium. Is that... Papyrus? It's no Jenny, but it'll do, as long as it's not in Comic Sans. Commence with your "seaman" jokes in the comments, please.

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