No gloom yet in Houston

Best Month For Weather In Houston? We Say October

Los Angeles is broiling, Florida and the Carolinas are still stocking water and batteries for the weeks of hurricane season still remaining, and we here in Houston are basking in our first cold front.

Not only does it mean no more hurricanes, it means goodbye to humidity and hello to, perhaps, the best time to live in Houston, at least weather-wise.

As northen cities shovel tons of snow to get their cars out of the driveway and on the way to work, we generally will be enjoying things.

But it does present a question: Just which month is Houston's finest for weather?

Obviously, we can throw out June-August. Those months, with shocking heat, steamy humidity and the threat of tropical storms, are the price we pay for the rest of the year.

As for the other eight months, May and September can get pretty steamy, too, so toss them out too.

Which leaves October-April. April can bring some severe spring storms, and unless the winter's been unseasonably cold it also brings those first vague stirrings of crushing summer temps. There's more foreboding to it than there is the northern glee at finally experiencing warmth.

January and February bring, of course, what passes for cold down here. Some find it refreshing, some burrow into their jackets and bemoan a wind chill in the low 40s. And to be sure, there will be the odd day or two when it drops into the 20s, and you get the TV guys yammering on about wrapping pipes, plants and pets, and you have to keep your fingers crossed that your pipes don't burst.

So that leaves October, November, December and March.

March -- too changeable for our tastes. December can bring with it the unnerving factor of 75-degree Christmas-season days.

So that leaves just two. Screw it, we're going with October.

Which means the month that's about to start is one of the best times to be in Houston. So get out there and enjoy yourself.

Or, if you have a different opinion, let's hear it.

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