Who's the Best Astro?

Best Of Houston 2010: Predict Our Winners And Win $50 In Gift Cards

This week brings the unveiling of the Best of Houston for 2010, where readers weigh in on what our town has to offer, and we do too.

The issue comes out Thursday, but you can look for it online early Wednesday afternoon.

Do you think you know Houston, and us? Predict who the winners will be in each of these categories and win $50 in restaurant gift cards.

(Note: Leave your e-mail in the comment form so we can contact you if you win. It won't show up on the web, and we won't use it for anything but getting you the gift cards.)

Remember, these are the staff picks we're looking for predictions on, not the reader's choices determined by popular vote.

Stick your predictions in the comments. Deadline is noon Wednesday. First to get them all right wins, failing that whoever gets the most. Prize is a $25 gift card to Sushi King and a $25 gift card to the Yard House.

So, who will be named:

1) Best Astro
2) Best Sports Moment of the Year
3) Best Rocket
4) Best Gas Station
5) Best Mechanic
6) Best Bookstore
7) Best Place to Window-Shop
8) Best Vintage Record Store
9) Best Grocery Store
10) Best Local Blog

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