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Best of Houston® 2019 Begins Today and Continues Through January

It's here!
It's here! Artwork by the Houston Press
Houston is known for its innovation and reinvention. After Hurricane Harvey hit, the city's performing arts groups — unable to access their home stages — refused to shut down and instead took up temporary residence both in and out of town for a year.

In that same spirit, the Houston Press today begins unveiling our Best of Houston® 2019 in a style unlike one we've ever done before. Instead of one big package of Best Ofs, we'll be releasing our picks throughout the month on our News, Food, Arts and Music portions of our website.

Today, for instance, read about our Best of Houston® selections for Best Hot Dog and Best Barbecue in Food, Best Texan and Best Place to Buy Plants in News, Best Bar in Music, and Best Mural in Arts. Readers' Choice selections in certain categories will accompany those being honored for their good service and great work.

If you want, think of us like an Advent calendar, something you check in on every day until you get to the crescendo ending which, for us, will be our entire list.

Thanks for staying with us and for reading the Houston Press.

Best of Houston® 2019
Margaret Downing
Copy Editor: Susie Tommaney
Contributors: John Amar, Jeff Balke, Gary Beaver, Carlos Brandon, Connor Fields, Natalie de la Garza, Margaret Downing, Cory Garcia, D.L. Groover, Kate McLean, Sean Pendergast, Mai Pham, Jef Rouner, Jesse Sendejas Jr., Susie Tommaney, and Brooke Viggiano.
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