James Harden isn't just the Rockets' MVP, he's the NBA's reigning MVP as well.EXPAND
James Harden isn't just the Rockets' MVP, he's the NBA's reigning MVP as well.
Photo by Jeff Balke

Best of Houston® 2019: Best Rocket

Best Rocket: James Harden

It’s difficult to debate who the best player on your favorite team is when he also happens to be the MVP of the entire league. James Harden led the Rockets to 65 wins and was one game shy of reaching the NBA Finals. His offensive numbers were absolutely mind blowing and his much criticized defense improved dramatically. This season he remains one of the Association’s most dangerous offensive players, particularly one-on-one. His step-back jumper would be remarkable if it were taken from near the paint, but he routinely fires his from 25 feet from the basket with a shockingly high rate of success.

Harden has joined the NBA elite as one of the the top three or four players in the world. And with a game that isn’t reliant upon freakish athleticism, there is no reason to think he won’t maintain his high level of play well into his 30s, which should be scary for every other team in the NBA.

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