Best Of Houston® 2020: Best Liquor Store

Pop, lock, and pop 'em.
Pop, lock, and pop 'em.
Photo by Kate McLean

Best Liquor Store: Houston Wine Merchant

Houston Wine Merchant best liquor store in Houston? Yes. Maybe it’s not what brought you there in the first place, but it should have been. From Rye to Mezcal, the manicured selection hits all the categories, and in terms of quality, there really isn’t potential to misstep. Important boutique bar items they have in spades: bitters, aperitif, vermouth, digestif, liqueur. They even have a row for Texas’ distilled—yee-haw.

In the realm of Scotch, Houston Wine Merchant carries Macallan, yes, yes, but also seven different bottlings of Compass Box, which is incredibly rare to find under one roof. And just above that sits a bottle of practically unavailable to the public Amrut Naarangi, the head-turning Indian whisky made in the style of Scotch. Buffalo Trace, check, but also Pinhook, both barrel and regular proof. Marolo grappa is covered and hails from the best wine regions in Italy—Brunello di Montalcino and Barolo. Underberg bullets—always good to have on hand—are $1.49. And Calvados, the perfect finish to any meal, they definitely have that too.

Get with the incredibly experienced staff headed by store manager and buyer Antonio Gianola. They’re sure to send you home with something tasty.

2646 South Shepherd, Houston

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