Houston Texans fans at a recent tailgate.
Houston Texans fans at a recent tailgate.
Photo by Eric Sauseda

Best of Houston® 2020: Best Sports Fans

Best Sports Fans: Houston Texans Fans

It takes a special sort of sports fan to ride or die on the fits-and-starts bandwagon that hitches up to the Houston Texans. The team has squandered talents like Hall of Fame lock Andre Johnson (and possibly also J.J. Watt) and once puzzlingly believed Brock Osweiler to be the answer to its quarterbacking woes; yet, it always seems to do just enough to have fans mumbling “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!” like a weary, gray-headed Michael Corleone.

The Texans hold the honor of most consecutive sold out games in Houston sports franchise history and the fans keep packing into NRG Stadium season after thrilling/frustrating season. They’re devoted, perhaps to a fault according to those who’d suggest more empty seats might result in better front office decisions and eventually a Super Bowl or even an AFC title game appearance. Depending on one’s perspective, their unflagging loyalty either makes them the best or the worst fans in the league.

We’re here to say they are the best sports fans in this city. If you remove the Lombardi Trophy from the
equation, there’s a lot more to pro football, so much more to experience in even a single day at NRG. The Texans’ tailgates are legendary in the NFL and the people who create those storied pre- and post-game good times are the fans. Legions of “football families” have incubated and grown under the stadium’s routinely-closed roof. Season ticket holders have watched their section and row neighbors grow up, get married, start families, retire, move onto that great gridiron in the sky. Every new season is like a family reunion and, like the best of families, Texans fans lovingly hope for greatness for all their kinfolk, especially those down on the field.

NRG Stadium, NRG Pkwy, Houston


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